The Endeavor

Any activity is game.

It may be as active as sea kayaking in Malibu, as serene as meditating in the Lake Shrine Temple’s gardens, as savory as sampling dim sum in Monterey Park, or as cultured as meandering through a museum’s white-walled galleries.

The only rules are:

  • I have never visited, seen, tasted, or otherwise experienced it
  • It is in or around Los Angeles (with the only exception of when I am otherwise traveling)

To maximize experience, my choices will vary in terms of genre and neighborhood.  I graciously welcome recommendations from friends, family and — especially — all of you out there following and sharing in my adventures.  Comment on my posts or email me at, and keep your suggestions flowing!

Let the games begin…


8 responses to “The Endeavor

  1. Rochelle Sherbert

    I have a recommendation; try signing up for either the Rock Climbing or Wilderness survival courses at REI.

    (Maybe you’ve already done this.)

    Do NOT rock climb with amateurs.

    Knowing how much you love Joshua Tree, you really must experience real climbing there.

    To be properly humbled before attempting to climb- see the movie North Face..

  2. I have another suggestion: scuba diving in the underwater park at Catalina or off some of the other fascinating channel island destinations, diving with the sea lions at Anacapa for example.

  3. Hey homie! Are you coming to BM this year? I like your blog.. got one going myself, not too wild yet though but it is part of the funky master plan. Keep at it girl, I look forward to seeing it. -H

    • YES!!! When ya heading up? And where are you these days? Still in CA? Or somewhere else, globetrotting??

      Sending you an electric hug, while I go check out your blog! 🙂

  4. CC Bliss

    I love your site, btw… but the first thing that came to mind was my horse, Perfect Harmony, her breed? a Gypsy Vanner. There is something about this horse that is as magical as the gypsy’s that first introduced this breed to the rest of the world. They trusted this breed of horse to pull their caravans and be their means of transportation. I do alot of traditional costume classes at horse shows and I would love to send some pictures.

    Thank You

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